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The works derived from my job as the «DTP & Creative Specialist» at Apple Schweiz (represented then by Industrade AG).

Writing pad
Promo material, give-aways for the launch of OS 9.

Promo material, worldwide the first of this kind using the logo.

Mailing «Floppy»
The mailing box was an oversized (7 x 7 inch) floppy disc containing a real disc with software on it. The respondrate was 28%.

Xmas card
This card I like peronally very much, because it based on my (analogical) water color sketch.

Ad campaign
Made to match the target group of graphic designers showing the toolbar of QuarkXPress, saying «Your new grahic studio».

mailing respond card

Mailing «Floppy», response card
That design was truely before Apples skeuomprphotic design period. But if you look at it precisely it's a skeuomorphotic print design simulating a Mac desktop.
billboard no 1

Billboard «No 1»
220 billboards spread out in the region of Zurich. The claim «No 1 in hall 1» - in those times beside the point - wasn't wrong at all: in hall 1 resides solely Apple.

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