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Since 1996 produces solutions in the field of the Internet, intranet and multimedia. The variety of customers is broad: we work for international corporations as well as for agencies, cultural institutions and public administrations.

THELEN.CC features Helge Thelen's cartoons, other paper works, animations and related stuff.


The website shows looped motion sequences which are mostly GIF-animations.


Emerald Screen publishes «SlowArt» video clips. These clips are created for the visualization on large-sized HD-flatscreens and projectors. The clips have their roots in contemporary genres, such as the Op-, Pop- and Minimal-Art, or the Cybernetic and the Constructive Art.

A special type of slowness is innate to the clips, through which they form a stress-free contrast to the generally hectic plethora of pictures.

DESIGN-MUSEUM.NET shows the information design collection of Helge Thelen and related stuff and texts.
(Ooops! Sorry, the is currently under construction)


This is the site of the splendid, gifted, intelligent, highly skilled and insolently talented oil painter Karin Hurni. Hurni and Thelen did some paintings together as the shown.
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